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Estate Agents have an unbelievably bad press…


and I can see why. I agree with most people opinions. I want to do things differently. I want to drive the industry into a new way of thinking, to strive to just be better. 

The way I feel, it is a privilege to be allowed into people’s homes. There should be no trust issues on either side of the relationship. I am here to help you sell your home and to move into your new life. I would not be doing my job if I did not gain your trust and work as hard as I can to bring this new dream into the realms of reality.


I am local. I know my community, I am part of the amazing group of people who are proud to be local. 

I am an expert in all fields of agency including auction, hybrid, business sales, high street and corporate.

I employ a highly skilled team of individuals who are amongst the top in their own field. These individuals are business owners and pride themselves in getting it right, first time, every time. These people take a pride in their work and include House Photographers, Videographers, 360 Image Production and a Home Stylist, who can visit prior to the photographs being taken and viewing appointments made to advise you on how to make your home the best home that potential buyers will see, both online and in person when they walk through your door

44% OF POTENTIAL BUYERS DISCOUNT YOUR IMAGES ONLINE FORM LOOKING AT PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY… This is almost HALF OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. Working as a close team on projects we can massively influence the stream of potential viewings and work towards increased footfall to your property.

I only take on a limited number of properties at any one time. I like the close contact this gives me with my clients, I enjoy the interaction. I start with a client and always end with a friend. I can offer you any phone number of any client I have ever helped, and they will be more than happy to talk to you about me. This is both buyers and sellers!

I consistently achieve higher than asking price value for your properties… I always aim to exceed expectations. This is in direct comparison to the UK average which sells for less than its launch price. This figure is staggering to me as the average drop is 32K.

I do my homework. I know the market; I know the area. I talk to people and I keep myself current.

I do not resort to dirty tricks. I will not overvalue your house to get you onboard and then force you to price drop when there is no interest. I will always manage your expectations and get the job done…and quickly. 

I offer a reduced fee if we do not agree on a sale with 6-8 weeks. If it’s not working for you, there is no contract, no early exit fees and no hard feelings…

I ensure that all enquiries are dealt with immediately. 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Viewings and Valuation appointments are carried out within 48hrs. I offer unrivalled communication between all parties and I am always available should you need me.

My background prior to being an agent is Military. I was a Class 1 Medic in some of the toughest war zones. This has given me strength, tenacity and an unquestionable work ethic that is transposable into this industry. Simply put, I work hard…for you.

I am Kirk Shephard…

I am not doing anything innovative here, this is the way it should have always been done.

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