Oh My, Nice Room!

July 25th, 2021

Which Room Convinces You To Buy

Buying a home is a tough job. Select a home that matches your dream home entirely is more stringent, and it becomes hard to find such a home. 

When buyers begin their property search, they usually have a wish list of their new house features. A large garden, quiet location, five bedrooms, a lovely fireplace, or an en-suite are top requirements for many buyers. The more ticks a property has on their wish list, the more inclined they are to make an offer. 

However, there are a few rooms in a house that are more likely to win over viewers’ hearts than others. The important question is, which room convinces you to buy? 

The kitchen is the King place of the home. Generally, if you can win them over in the kitchen, chances are the rest of the home won’t be too difficult. Unlike other parts areas of the home, your return on investment in the kitchen has a greater chance of bringing the value of your home up. Open modular kitchens with dining area make the perfect place for every home. People can sit, cook, eat and talk together. The kitchen is also considered the most expensive room in the house, especially well equipped with good quality appliances. Unlike other parts areas of the home, your return on investment in the kitchen has a greater chance of bringing the value of your home up. 

When buying a home, the buyer will look at the kitchen size, with star rated electric appliances, countertops with granite are enough to grab the potential buyer’s attention. Making the kitchen priority for home buyers while buying a home or finalising a rental home.

The first place buyer would see while entering your home is the hallway. It should be spacious and organised and paint with light colour. On the day of viewing (by buyers), you can enlighten the scented candles and air fresheners, giving a sense of a good place for them. Ideally, it is a place to welcome guests to have an attractive hall where they can relax and even put a plant inside the living room.

A room with a view is always a great selling point for buyers. A room with a gallery or balcony where people can sit and take advantage of the fresh area with a great view. To appeal to buyers instantly, create living rooms that look like you want to stay awhile and enjoy the home. This is the room that stands out the most for some people and could convince them to buy. 

The interesting thing is that well-fitted, spacious bathrooms are trendy at the moment. This leads us to the fact that the master bath is almost as important as the kitchen from a buyer’s perspective.

These are the rooms with their unique feature that convince buyers to buy the home. If you are still confused about which room you should improve first to sell your home, look at your home as if you were going to buy it and make a list of what would be a major turn off and what would appeal to you.