Farmer’s markets to visit this summer in Cumbria

June 16th, 2021

My Pick of Top Farmer’s Markets in Cumbria

Since 1997 when the first Farmers Market opened in Bath, Farmers Markets have popped up all over the Country. Since then, farmers markets have been a firm country favourite and continue to grow in popularity.

A farmers market is a place for local producers (usually from a 30-mile radius) to sell their produce that they have grown, raised or produced themselves. For those that don’t know, it is a fantastic way to support local businesses and producers, and you will find a wide range of these products offer characteristics to the area. 

What can I buy at a Farmers Market?

You can expect to find seasonal vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy produce, i.e. eggs and cheese, plants, flowers, herbs, jam, chutneys, honey, fish, wine, cider, pies, cakes, apple juice, and much more at a Farmers Market.

Before we dig into the best farmers markets in Cumbria, let’s explore why we should support local farmers markets. 

Let’s be honest, from savouring produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food, there are countless reasons to support farmers markets.

Taste Real Flavours

The fruits and vegetables you buy at the farmers market are the freshest and tastiest available. Fruits are allowed to ripen fully in the field and are brought directly to you—no long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in storage. This food is as real as it gets—fresh from the farm.

Enjoy the Season

The food you buy at the farmers market is seasonal. It is fresh and delicious and reflects the truest flavours. Shopping and cooking from the farmers market helps you to reconnect with the cycles of nature in your region. 

Support Family Farmers

Family farmers need your support. Buying directly from farmers gives them a better return for their produce and gives them a fighting chance in today’s globalised economy.

Know Where Your Food Comes From

A regular trip to a farmers market is one of the best ways to connect with where your food comes from. Meeting and talking to farmers and food artisans is a great opportunity to learn more about how and where food is produced. 

Learn Cooking Tips, Recipes, and Meal Ideas

Few grocery store cashiers or produce stockers will give you tips on how to cook the ingredients you buy, but traders at the farmers market are often passionate cooks with plenty of free advice about how to cook the foods they are selling.

Connect with Your Community

Wouldn’t you rather stroll amidst outdoor stalls of fresh produce on a sunny day than roll your cart around a grocery store with artificial lights? Coming to the farmers market makes shopping a pleasure rather than a chore. The farmers market is a community hub—a place to meet up with your friends, bring your children, or just get a taste of small-town life in the midst of city living.

Ok, now on to the main event.

The Best Farmers Markets in Cumbria

Orton Farmers’ Market

Market Hall, Orton, Penrith CA10 3RU

“We love going to this little market. A great choice of locally produced food and the quality is exceptional”

Grimsargh Farmers Market

Grimsargh Village Hall, Preston Road, Grimsargh PR2 5JS

“Nice local produce, good place to visit & outdoors pity there’s not more parking”

Hexham Farmers’ Market

Market Pl, Hexham NE46 1XQ

“I love the markets diverse range of products on sale!”

Helmshore Farmers Market

Great House Farm, 1 Great House Ave, Rossendale BB4 4AJ

What an amazing farmers market. From fresh veg to local meats, herbal teas, crepes and the superb hand-made chocolate bars by Cocoa Boutique